Silver Seams

Tub 17: Pink and black

Sat, 02 Mar 2019

Silver Seams has evolved over the years, and I still have a lot of fabric from older incarnations of the business – most of it bulky faux furs. I don’t want to clutter up my Etsy shop with it so as I go through the various storage tubs I will post about them with Paypal buttons. When I sell them (or use them) I’ll remove the buttons so if you are looking at this post a year from now and they’re still priced… well, I’m probably still stuck with the stuff.

The fact that the first tub of fabric I grabbed out of storage was #17 is depressing in part because it’s far from the highest-numbered tub I have. I got rid of a bunch of them during the move, but I still have more than seventeen. This one has a mix of mostly bear-making fur in it, though the pink would also work for cosplay/fursuiting.

These have all been in the tub for awhile, including in some warm storage spaces, so there’s some creasing in the furs that may or may not be reversible.

US Priority Mail shipping is included, and in fact is most of the cost. If you want a different type of shipping (outside the US, multiple items shipped together, ground shipping, whatever), or just a fat quarter instead of the whole piece, let me know and I’ll figure out how much that would cost.

Pink “premium”

That’s what I labeled it back in the day, though of course today there’s much nicer stuff available. It’s a step above Monterey Mills cubby; the hand is smooth but the fibers are stiff.

No longer available

Charcoal upholstery

This is a nubbly upholstery fabric that I made a teddy bear out of at one point. It was originally a yard; one side of the yardage is uncut. It drapes very well and frays like the dickens. It looks like a weathered mohair, but feels more like a cotton blend. It’s a brownish gray, with a considerably browner base fabric.

No longer available

Leopard feathers

This is a bag of scrap I got from one of the other ladies in our bear maker guild. She bonded some satin to the back of it to keep it from fraying, so some of it is backed and some of it is not, and a little of it is stuck to the backing.

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