The cases are in!

The cases are in!

The Zebra cases have arrived, and they’re very pretty. I mean, I knew they would be; I have their cousins on my Raspberry Pi’s… but those all have green motherboards.

I still have to take the time to sit down and build an image that will boot these tiny computers, but I’m one step closer to having working devices that plug into the embroidery machine like the (unavailable) Pi Zeroes do, and let you drag and drop from your desktop to your machine over wifi.

Mango Pi in clear case, showing pink motherboard

They needed standoffs to clear the extra port the Mango has below (above, in this picture) the HDMI port.

Mango Pi edge on

The case adds a heat sink - probably not super necessary given the light workload on the board, but it never hurts.

Mango Pi heat sink

Not sure if I’ll wait for the promised Debian (which is what the Raspberry version is) or go ahead and try Tina; I guess it’ll depend on what’s available when I get time to play with it.