Freebie Friday: Pawpad Keychain

Freebie Friday: Pawpad Keychain

I had originally planned to have more sizes and species of the pawpad ready to go, but clearly I need to sit down and reorganize the calendar. These fell completely off it - they’ve been early-access in the Ko-Fi for a month, and I guess when I posted it there I went “I’ve got plenty of time to get the rest ready for launch” and, welp. I need to get pictures and then the larger sizes and feline versions will go in the shop. In the meantime, here’s the freebie, suitable for a keychain or things like Choly Knight’s wolf plush freebie.

[Small Canine Pawpad]

And if you can’t get a hold of mochi in your area, I’ve got some in the shop. That’s Coral Pink in use there, and the big paw is Charcoal IIRC (it might be Ombre Blue though; they’re very close and the latter is not well named).


In other pattern-release news, the Carolina Mantis’ instructions are still missing some pictures, but it’s in the Ko-Fi shop (available to $5/month subscribers for free), and when I get the pictures done I’ll put it in the regular shop here.

The Carolina Mantis, with the seltzer can for scale. Reared up, it's as tall as the can.

I need to make the in-the-hoop version of the pig in a couple more sizes and zip up the files, but that’s the $1/tier early-access plushie for this month.

A cartoony plush pig, half the size of the seltzer can.

And if I was really organized, I’d’ve had the bumble bee design, or at least some finished plushies, in the shop for World Bee Day.

A plush bee, waving from inside the dragon mug prop.