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Pellon 915 Cambric vs Oly-fun

Is Pellon 915 Cambric the same as Oly-Fun? No, but close.

Glow minky!

Glow in the dark minky, for real(ish).

Banner vinyl

Today in "Karen puts wacky stuff in her embroidery machine...": Sign vinyl!

More more mochi

I've tried out a third source for mochi, and I think I like it best.

Making a name fob

It only takes a few extra steps to turn Ink/Stitch lettering into a snap tab.

Making sew-in eyes from flat-back gems

Sometimes the right eye isn't available and you have to make your own.

Merging designs in Ink/Stitch

It's pretty easy to merge designs with Ink/Stitch, even if you're not a regular Inkscape user.