A field of sunflowers

A field of sunflowers

In the past I’ve digitized the dragon emoji and tears-of-joy emoji - it seemed like a good time to do the sunflower emoji.

The leaves seemed like a good candidate for satin stitch, and I just kept going - only the very center is a fill. That turned out even nicer than I expected, with both contour and zigzag fill giving them a little dimension.

[Sunflower Emoji]

An uncut sheet of sunflower snap tabs I’ve sort-of released all the snap tab blanks, I think, but I finally decided to stop modifying my previous designs and just make a set of stand-alone blanks. They’re only sized for the hoops I’ve actually got, but if you have added your hoop size(s) to Ink/Stitch it’s simple enough to take the SVG, change the page size, and then add or delete snap tabs until you’ve got the most your hoop can hold.

[Snap Tab Blanks]

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