Notebook pockets, in the hoop

Notebook pockets, in the hoop

You probably saw this coming: I made an in-the-hoop version of the notebook pocket. It’s simplified: only the zipper pocket, and no turning. I’ll be writing it up and adding it to the freebie list this weekend, probably.

The first one I made used the full 5×7 hoop, and that works for a Leuchtturm size notebook if you want enough width for a phone plus pens. It can be scaled down to a 4×4 hoop though of course that size won’t fit pens.

I like the proportions of a narrower version, and it still fits a 4″-wide embroidery design.

It doesn’t necessarily need a lining – I put one in the dragon one and it was almost impossible to photograph it in any way that actually showed it was lined. But it’s possible to put one in.

I think I’m going to fine-tune it a little, maybe with a satin stitch to better finish the zipper ends, and an optional stop for a D-ring point so it can be a wristlet instead.