Monster Hunter potion snap tab

Monster Hunter potion snap tab

I called it a charm last time, but it’s a snap tab. Shorten the tab and rearrange the layout to make it into a charm.

It sews five-up in a 4×4 hoop, and is a quick little three-step stitch-out: the potion color, the bottle color, slap your back vinyl on the underside of the hoop, and stitch in your vinyl color. (Or a contrast color, I’m not your boss.)

Unzip the file and use the format your machine takes, or load the source SVG and edit it with Ink/Stitch.

The stitched square is 1″ across, so in theory it could fit a 25mm NFC sticker – you’ll probably want to stitch the final color as a placement line before you mount any vinyl, to make sure your sticker goes inside the final stitching. What can you do with an NFC sticker? Well, if you have the right kind you can clone an Amiibo so you can put your highly collectible (I guess) Magnamalo in a glass case and just use a snap tab to activate the armor.

Or you can put them inside plushies (this one’s still a work-in-progress) which is probably slightly less convenient than a regular Amiibo but much cuter. I don’t even play this game, but I’m a sucker for a cute owl and there was a chibi version of one of the companion animals in the concept art so that’s what I got sidetracked by this week.

Anyway, back to the dragon factory.