Bales of mochi

Three of the four packages of mochi arrived! Naturally, it happened while I’m thoroughly booked making sparkly dragons, so I don’t plan on making more mochi dragons for another couple of weeks unless someone requests them – but once I get comparison pictures made with the Shannon color reference I’ll put fat quarters in the fabric shop. I’m hoping the fourth package didn’t ship because they were waiting until the pale peach skintone came back in stock (I had to choose an alternate color in case it didn’t).

I used to see DEA/CBP pictures of plastic-wrapped bales of smuggled drugs and go “well that looks suspicious, of course they didn’t let that through” until I started getting international shipments and realized that of course everything comes wrapped in plastic and packing tape like that, you never know what else it’s going to be shipped with that might leak, or when it’s going to get exposed to weather.

I mean you can make some drug/fabric analogies still, but anyway this was just fabrics.

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