Embroidering on mochi

I had someone ask how well mochi took embroidery and had to admit that I had only done the dragon wings. Now I can say with more authority: it works fine. I had bought a whole bunch of flesh tones and decided I ought to actually sew some human-ish dolls. This is “Light Orange”, which I think will make a good skin color for a redheaded Choly Knight faun.

(That’s not the official embroidery design though, and it needs some tweaking. I left out the underlay on the black eyeliner, most notably. I should just buy the official version tbh.)

In unrelated news, Google is shutting down Feedburner mail subscriptions. While I was looking at whether I had any live subscriptions I realized a couple here needed fixed, so if you’re suddenly getting emails then (1) welcome back and also (2) goodbye, unless you subscribe a different way before they shut it off. The site has a posts-by-mail option in the sidebar, though of course subscribing with a feedreader is the best way to have your own control.

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