Cohoot plushie

Cohoot plushie

It is about to be a fourth Saturday so you know what that means: OH CRUD I GOTTA ACTUALLY FINISH SOME PROJECTS!

I talked about the Daruma-doll “cohoot” in the potion dangle design, and it has not the fauxmiibo stickers but sturdy little PVC “coins,” one in each wing and one in the tail. That’s enough for each of the three Monster Hunter: Rise amiibos. Or three Animal Crossing villagers; it makes no difference to the chip.

I’m of very mixed feelings about selling them pre-programmed; apparently Nintendo (or the game publishers) scans Etsy and issues takedowns regularly. I mean, I guess I can leave them unprogrammed, list the listing offering to program it as desired, and if it gets suspended I can re-list it as a straight DIY.

Anyway, along with this critter and the charms, I have a bunch of dragons and whatnot, so make sure you’re signed up for the emails in the sidebar.

(Yes, I know the letterboard is intrusive, but literally every social media picture of a plush, especially one of a popular property, gets scraped and used in scammy IG/FB ads so at least I’m gonna make them work for it on this one.)