Websites are made of glitter

Websites are made of glitter

No, hear me out.

You do your project and clean up and… nope, there’s another bit of glitter/thing you need to tweak. And another. And oh, there was a whole spill over here, whoops. And then you go around all day and later discover there was a prominent bit of glitter stuck on your shirt that nobody told you about because they thought you knew.

Anyway, most of the “glitter” from the website/shop change is cleaned up. The biggest current pile of it is that individual shop-item pages aren’t opening the cart stuff correctly. (Behind the scenes, there’s a Firefox objection to a cross-site security feature.) All the links on index pages, like Downloadables, will take you to Gumroad proper and there are makeshift buttons on the individual pages for now. It’s not great, but downloads are starting to resume.

I haven’t decided what to do with physical products yet; I might shift them back to Etsy but at the moment Etsy is having their own glitter spill and I’m waiting for manual intervention from Etsy Support (which I don’t get in a timely manner because that is only for Star Sellers) so that they can actually pay me for sales. For now they’re still on Shopify, and it should be fine.

In the meantime, working on literal glitter-item designs and the great big dragons that I set aside a week ago to deal with all this.

It’s going… okay.

A failed glitter-inclusion fob, with a finished one that has stitching instead