The wanderers return

The wanderers return

Never expected to see this trio again.

In July, I shipped them to Japan. And the customer let me know they never arrived, and in fact never showed up on tracking. I finished the other half of each pair and shipped those (USPS, that time), and submitted a claim to UPS, who denied ever having gotten the package.

This seemed odd, because I was pretty sure I always made sure I handed international packages over at the counter, in case there was any weird paperwork that I’d gotten wrong. But I didn’t have the paper receipt because c’mon, the information’s all online. So I shrugged and gave up on it.

And a few days ago, I got a completely deadpan email from UPS, informing me that the customs information on this package did not meet 2023 standards and would I please fill out this form? I almost discarded it as a phishing scheme except they included the label information and… yep, apparently post-Christmas somebody went through the back room at the UPS Store and rousted all the packages that had fallen behind things or something, I don’t know.

At any rate, between these three and the others I’ve been putting together in spare moments, I’ll probably finally have another shop drop in the near future.