The sewn Kawaii Toadstool

The sewn Kawaii Toadstool

I haven’t done a freebie sewing design in awhile, but here’s the thing: an embroidery machine is just a sewing machine, and SVGs are printable even if they have embroidery information attached.

So here’s how it works. The SVG is showing you the seam lines. You can just print it out, add a seam allowance (1/4-1/2”, 5-10mm) and cut out the pieces. Or, for something like the Kawaii Toadstool with teeny little arms and legs, do what the embroidery machine does: sew the seam on a rectangle of fabric, to be cut out after sewing. Then you don’t have to worry about matching up tiny limb bumps and figuring out where the seam should be based on a seam allowance three times the limb’s size.

If figuring it out from the embroidery instructions seems too complicated, I’ve made a sewing-only version. I don’t sew tiny things like this myself anymore (that’s why I got an embroidery machine!) but if you have a steadier hand than I do, it’s not a complicated pattern. The pictures are all of the embroidery version, but it’s not that different if you ignore the frame.

Sewing instructions with embroidery pictures

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