The Gnomie

The Gnomie

The Gnomies have been unleashed!

They actually went out to the Ko-Fi subscribers on Friday as scheduled but once again I failed to make a blog post because I was too busy doing House Stuff.

And naturally immediately after publishing it, I decided to go a different direction: the design comes with a heart for the garland, but I have decided a free-standing lace (FSL) version would be better. And why not add a shamrock while I’m at it? I’m not sure if tomten/nisse/gnomes are folklorically related to leprechauns or if this is a case of a Scandinavian invasive species displacing the Irish native one or what, but St. Patrick’s gnomes are popular.

Plush gnome with red beard, pink hands and nose, black boots, green hat, and apparently nothing else

I originally had conceived of the gnome as wearing mittens, but as I said in the instructions you can just run the hands in the same color as the nose for a more warm-weather gnome. But having done so with a higher-contrast beard I now can’t un-see “nekkid gnomie!”

Anyway, once I have properly tested the FSL heart and shamrock, and added it and the slightly larger version of the gnomie to the files, I will backfill the Ko-Fi version and add the direct-purchase version.

And then I’ll wrap up the March design. It’ll be a two-fer, the bunny and hamster, with probably the single-piece white seal charm as the March freebie. After that, I’ll have to resist the temptation to cart the embroidery machines over and start setting up the new space. It’s a 25-minute+ drive from the current place so I really shouldn’t set up a commute for myself, but the ADHD brain craves novelty…