Tentacle puppy! Sea friend!

Tentacle puppy! Sea friend!

I think I’ve tried so hard not to overdo “teasers for designs I haven’t finished yet” that I got almost no pictures of the octopus on the blog until the last post. Anyway, the frog led to the toadstool led to the kawaii octopus which led, inevitably, to a realistic octopus. I’ve been spamming social media with slightly-tweaked versions of the design, and it’s finally done. It’ll drop tomorrow, after I finish verifying that I got all the right sizes of files in the right place (there are a LOT of sizes).

My favorite size is the tiniest, and fits in a 4x4 hoop. That’s what most of these are, and if you think that doesn’t look 4x4-sized you’re both right and wrong. It takes six hoopings which sounds intimidating, but they’re all pretty simple (and you can do a simpler version in five if the forehead gusset seems like too much).

My second favorite size is the absolutely ridiculous one that I don’t have the right size eyes for yet because look at this thing.

Giant octopus on my worktable

If you’re a Ko-Fi supporter at the $5/month level, you can get this design from my Ko-Fi shop for free this month. Currently all the past designs are free as well; pretty soon I’m going to start expiring those after three months. It’ll still be a great deal - these designs run $5-10 and you’ll get three when you first subscribe, plus a cookie, plus the early access to things and all the random small designs I drop over there.