Taskwarrior, revisited

Taskwarrior, revisited

I haven’t posted on Taskwarrior (and ADHD) in awhile, in part because every time I do, it reminds me I need to fix the tagging in the blog software. I haven’t done that yet, but at least I created the task to remind me now.

… in Obsidian.

Yes, I know I said I liked Taskwarrior because it didn’t have a lot of bells and whistles to distract me, but also I have been misusing its recurring features and it’s been throwing errors after an upgrade. And also the person who introduced me to TW has switched to Obsidian and I had some FOMO.

The interesting thing about Obsidian is that it’s Markdown-based, which is the same markup language that the blog uses behind the scenes. In fact, weirdly, I could use Obsidian as a blog editor, and in fact that’s what I’m typing in right now though I don’t have them connected up.

In any event, it was time for a reboot, so I have transferred my tasks over here - including the ones I had in the Happy Planner which only sort-of worked for me, much as I really, really want a discbound planner to work. (And now I have created the task reminding me to finish the ITH notebook cover design instructions.)

As is usual for my ADHD brain, the novelty of a new to-do system means I went on a checking-things-off spree, and so by last Thursday night, I had posted the tree frog design to Ko-Fi and the shop, queued up Facebook and Instagram posts about it… and then they didn’t show up in my feed. Darnit, algorithm, stop suppressing posts when I mention the shop!

… oh, wait, it’s only Thursday, I scheduled all that for Friday. Yeah, I forgot what having a buffer was like. We’ll see how long it lasts, but I’m typing this last Thursday. 🤞