Revised mushrooms

Revised mushrooms

I’ve revised the Kawaii Toadstool design just slightly, bringing it in line with the similar designs in that the cap now gets sewn in four steps, making it a little easier to align precisely. And more importantly, there is a smaller version included in the package.

[Kawaii Toadstools]

If you’ve followed my social media accounts, you’ve seen a growing pile of tiny mushrooms, because I have decided this year’s trick-or-treat station will be a pick-your-own mushroom patch. In past years I’ve done a pumpkin patch (with balloons holding treats - not a thing I’ve done since the start of a pandemic spread by aerosols!):

Two pumpkin balloons

and an apple orchard (pandemic-era, with sealed bags containing the treats and pinned to clotheslines):

Signs for U-Pick Apples

and this year I’m going cottagecore, I guess.

The 200mm hoop on the Janome will fit nine smaller mushrooms, so I’m figuring a dozen or more hoops-full will be enough… considering I already also have a couple of boxes of full-size candy bars. Yes, we have a lot of kids in the neighborhood, plus all the teenagers who put on team jerseys and call it a costume. (And we’re Philly-adjacent enough that it is fully acceptable. I expect to see a LOT of Bryce Harpers and Jalen Hurts’ around this year, large and small.)

Anyway, if you got the mushroom earlier you’ll need to re-download it. There are now three sizes. The instructions include the extra two steps. The faces now use the new contour fill so they’ll re-size a little better within Ink/Stitch. You can go even smaller than I’ve done, though eventually the arms and legs get difficult and then impossible to turn. At larger sizes, the single-piece construction starts to become more awkward, at least for a plushie that’s going to be handled much - the body stuffing can migrate to the cap.

Anyway, hopefully this year I’ll manage to get a picture of the fully-set-up patch. Not that there will be much to do besides the plushies: our edge-of-the-Pine-Barrens yard is all moss and ferns and fallen leaves. At least by this time of year the real mushrooms are done and gone so I don’t have to worry about littles picking a non-plush one.