Pretty kawaii for a fungi

Pretty kawaii for a fungi

To make up for the three-part pug, this little toadstool is another “no hand-sewing except for closing the single turning opening” type. Because it’s supported by my Ko-Fi subscribers, this freebie includes a PDF of instructions with a clear picture for every stitch and step - just like my paid designs. Those subscribers got the design a month early.

Glow-in-the-dark mushroom

This is where you want to use Wednesday’s tip on how to get the legendary glow-in-the-dark minky.

[ITH Kawaii Toadstool]

Toss a coin to your stitcher! (Ko-Fi)

Continuing the cycle, the Ko-Fi subscribers get next month’s design today: a kawaii octopus, by request.

Kawaii octopus