Blog Entries

The tiny pink Pi's are here!

I haven’t actually built an image for one because I didn’t expect them until Friday, but hopefully that won’t take long and then I can update the tutorial. The C4...

Nerd-sniped again

I make a habit of looking at the new holographic and iridescent fabrics on the JoAnn website every now and then, since we’re somehow still back to “don’t spend too...

Mylar tablecloth embroidery

I'm dollar-store crafting again, this time with sparkly Mylars.

Merging designs in Ink/Stitch

It's pretty easy to merge designs with Ink/Stitch, even if you're not a regular Inkscape user.

Embroidery design wrangling

Good file management practices are essential especially as your embroidery design collection grows.

Tiger dragons

My first experiment with custom-colored dragons was a success. Or maybe a fluke.