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My Shopify (Lite) experience so far

It’s not easy to leave Etsy, and I don’t plan to do so completely anytime soon. But there’s still a good reason to have a non-Etsy shop, and I’ve been...

USB gadget availability woes continue

As you know if you’ve hung around here much, I have a couple of teeny-tiny computers that connect to my embroidery machines, and are also on my wifi network. They...

Jet tags and quarter keepers

The Friday Freebies today are an update to the snap tab blanks, and some basic novelty fobs.

Cut-and-sew sale

Spoonflower's doing a site-wide 20%-off sale this week, so it's a good time to pick up my cut-and-sew designs if you have been waiting for a discount.

Friday Freebie: Dog Minis

These little mini designs are glorified silhouettes: they’re enhanced with some satin stitching to make them more than just a filled shape.

Toe beans are coming!

My Mondays have been really Garfieldian lately, so my calendar has been knocked badly askew but I’m getting back on track. I owe the Ko-Fi folks an early-access mini-plushie, and...