Okay, not giving up yet

Okay, not giving up yet

Still pretty discouraged.

This is worse than starting from scratch. This is starting from “a ton of prospective customers, all the low-hanging fruit, has already written me off.”

Anyway, if you’re one of the customers, don’t worry: I have always regularly downloaded the records of who has bought designs, so when I figure out where I’m landing, I can set up your account there with access. And I can always just email you the files directly on request.

I am tentatively settling on Gumroad. The fees are high (9%, though the percentage declines as total sales go up), but otherwise it seems pretty positive.


Not quite as versatile as Shopify’s out of the box; there’s a button or a full-page and nothing in between. I’ve been using a Jekyll include though, so I can supplement the button with the picture from my local version.


Slightly better than Shopify’s, though you have to use a specific URI to get it to apply a discount by default. So new-item discounts don’t show on the default Gumroad shop, unless there’s a different way to apply them that I haven’t encountered yet. Which is possible.


Gumroad doesn’t have this, which is annoying. It does have an API, so one could use a fairly simple program to export (and I will; both Shopify and Ko-Fi have CSV export so I can always keep records of who’s bought what), but the API doesn’t allow for product creation so it can’t be used to import things.


Membership stuff is a “product” rather than a whole account, which is to say I could mirror the Ko-Fi tiers there and have a whole separate membership for physical items. This is very appealing, because I’ve had a lot of trouble specializing.


It allows direct credit cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, and if I connect a Paypal account, Paypal Direct. So that’s pretty straightforward.

Blogging/mailing lists/etc.

It has “posts” but no RSS/Atom feeds so…

It's not a blog if it doesn't have an RSS feed

Which reminds me, I need to set up feeds for the tutorials and product pages here. It’s going to be a seriously housekeeping-only week, but luckily I already have this week’s freebie all ready to go: the Kawaii Sunflower for here and the Dragon Egg for the Ko-Fi early-access.