Octopuppies and fluffy puppies

Octopuppies and fluffy puppies

Clearly it’s Market Research Week here at the blog, because I have questions.

Spoonflower's got a 20%-off sale, including on my cut-and-sews.

I’m hopefully managing to wrap up two more-complicated* in-the-hoop plushie designs this month, which is kind of a first, and leads to a question: which one should be the Ko-Fi tier reward? I’m not actually sure which direction my supporters/readers are more interested in.

(*“more complicated” in terms of pattern development, anyway; the realistic octo is not difficult to actually stitch out)

There’s the Flopsy Frenchie, seen above in cut-and-sew form (without the separate muzzle), which is very similar to the Flopsy Pug so I figured it wasn’t an ideal candidate for the $5/month reward - I will probably make a discounted Pug/Frenchie bundle, and maybe send out a discount code to Pug buyers for the Frenchie.

And there’s the Realistic Octopus, which is what I was planning on for the reward. Both will go into the shops for non-subscribers, of course, so it’s not like you’re choosing one and unable to get the other, and subscribers will get a discount on the design that isn’t free for them.

But I’ve got approximately a million design ideas, and I’d like to know where folks want me to go. There are a lot of flopsy ITH designs out there, and I feel like my 3-d critters are more unique. But are they too intimidating? I have yet to see any finished versions out there in the wild - have you made the free Chibi Orca? It’s cute, and fairly easy, and no one has tagged me in any pictures of it,nor left pictures in the comments/forum.