Kind of a big dill, again

Kind of a big dill, again

Whoops, I forgot the February freebie! I mean, it’s done, but I forgot to release it. You see, it went into early-access a little late, so I felt compelled to let it spend a month there, and then immediately forgot it hadn’t released.

The kawaii hearts are scheduled to come out in just a week, on the normal schedule. Here’s how the Ko-Fi tiers work.

Second Fridays: Small designs come out, for all tiers. A month later, they’re free for everyone. Three months later, they are pay-for.

Fourth Fridays: Larger designs come out, for the $5/month tier. They’re also released as pay-fors, and three months later, they are pay-for for everyone.

Usually there are bonus designs available, some for both tiers, some just for the higher tier.

This means if you signed up for a buck right now, you’d have access to the Kawaii Hearts already, in addition to the Big Dill and Toadstool Charms that are now all-access, and next week you’d have access to the Kawaii Seal Charm a month before the blog does. You’d also have 20% off any paid designs on Ko-Fi.

If you signed up for five bucks right now, you’d have that, plus access to the Blue Sharks, Minimalist Dragons, and Gnomies: everything in that picture. For five bucks.

I’d have a lot more subscribers if I was any good at advertising.