Jet tags and quarter keepers

Jet tags and quarter keepers

The Friday Freebies today are an update to the snap tab blanks, and some basic novelty fobs.

If you “bought” the blanks in the shop, you’ll have gotten an email notification that they updated. I added a fun option: putting a coin slot on the back to turn them into quarter keepers. There’s some new instructions on the design page, and registration marks to keep you from doing what I did on the sheet these are resting on.

Quarter keepers

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If you follow me on Instagram or the fediverse, you’ll have seen the story of the jet tags already, but here it is:

Over twenty-five years ago, my husband’s grandfather was diagnosed with ALS. He moved in with my mother-in-law and stepfather-in-law, and they cared for him until he died about seven years later. Almost right on the heels of that, mother-in-law was diagnosed with a set of chronic illnesses that eventually left her disabled, and stepFIL cared for her until she died last October.

Now that no one depends on him, he has bought a Harley and goes road-tripping with one of my husband’s uncles.

And it’s his birthday this week, so I made some jet tags and I sent him a couple, along with a motorcycle pop-up card that I somehow failed to take a picture of.

The ones in the freebie files are just the REMOVE BEFORE FLIGHT version - but I just used a built-in Ink/Stitch font, so you can write whatever you want as well.

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