Ink/Stitch 2.2.0 is out!

Ink/Stitch 2.2.0 is out!

The new version of Ink/Stitch has a lot of new fonts, including a couple of mine. NickAinley and DinoMouse72 are now part of the regular installation. I’ve put on their pages that they’re obsolete, but now that I think about it I keep adding more glyphs to NickAinley, at least. The version in the distro doesn’t have any punctuation beyond maybe an apostrophe, and also the kerning is really bad (as I mentioned in the Text on a Curve tutorial). So actually I’ll update it as I run across bits, so it might be worth re-downloading in the future.

I’m not sure how many people actually use Ink/Stitch to work with the SVG source in my designs, so it may not matter but: running stitch tolerance may affect the appearance of top-stitching.

Running stitch tolerance on the Params dialog

The tolerance is how far a needle point may fall from the original line, and causes Ink/Stitch to take shorter stitches near sharp curves. Sometimes this makes a running stitch more attractive, but other times (especially on top-stitching where the base stitch length is often increased to 2.5mm) it makes for some irregular stitch length. If you run into this while re-creative stitch files on older SVGs, you can revert it to the old behavior by just setting a very large stitch tolerance: I use 2mm.

There are a lot of other new features: fancy fills and things that might get me to do more “conventional” embroidery designs. They probably won’t all be dragons.


Anyway, go download 2.2.0.