How to name your dragon

How to name your dragon

Embroidering on tiny minky dragons isn’t very practical, so for some personalized dragons I suggested some little collars. A loop of ribbon, crossed over at right angles, turns out to rest very nicely on the dragons’ chests. I made a little satin-stitched box on the test one, but for the final one I think I’m going to pick up some square rhinestones and glue them.

The problem with stitching tiny names into minky is that they tend to disappear. I thought about trying a knockdown stitch, and I might still do that to see how it works. But even in tiny NickAinley, one of the actual names requested comes out 30mm long, almost an inch and a quarter. Tiny for things like snap tabs, but long for a dragon that’s (in this case) less than five inches tall.

The collar just slips over the dragon’s head, so if you’ve ordered dragons from me in the past and want a name ribbon for them, let me know the name and dragon color and I’ll put one in your next order. Need something to order? There’s still quite a bit of yesterday’s shop-drop.

Dragon Drop, August

Including the White Dragon dice bag bundle; I have finally gotten around to putting together the bundles with the last of the Whelan-licensed totes and dice bags, and here’s the first one.

White Dragon dice bag bundle