Hexie testing

Hexie testing

I have way too many unfinished projects right now. Part of my problem is being unsure about what people actually want out of the blog… my dragon collectors have never been shy about asking for things, but the embroidery design folks (outside of the Ink/Stitch crowd) tend to drop in, download, and leave, which is disheartening.

At any rate, I have recruited some help to stuff dragons so I will probably have some this weekend.

A velvet Carolina mantis with a plush dragon in one claw and a clump of stuffing in the other

The mantis design will be available to the $5/month supporters on Ko-Fi. An in-the-hoop version of the felt pig will happen for the $1/month supporters, and at some point I gotta get the napkin holders,

Blessed are those who do the dishes

the plant tags,

Only the good die young, on a dead plant

the emoji,

A whole bunch of emoji snap tabs in progress

the shaker-tray add-on for the valet trays,

A valet tray with glitter

the kawaii faces,

A Squishmallow-like applique/embroidery

the pugs,

An in-the-hoop plush pug

and their Frenchie cousins,

A plush Frenchie face

and the titular hexie mug mats that I’ve been testing out.

I may be a little overcommitted.