Happy little sunflowers (and eggs)

Happy little sunflowers (and eggs)

One little benefit of spending all dang week doing data entry is that while I was at it, I made the entry for the Kawaii Sunflower, today’s freebie, early.

I don’t think anybody noticed. But I have a fix for that too: finally got around to giving the shop entries an RSS feed. So if you use a feed reader you can now add the shop feed to the shop address and see if it works for you. I still have to put the pointer to it in the headers but the migration to-do list is long. Also on that list is fixing the tags, but in the meantime you can just put “follow friday” in the search bar and find all the entries on fun things to follow with your feed reader besides me.

I’m dialing back most of the monthly freebies to two-dimensional designs, because I think even the fairly simple ones like the mushroom-shaped things are intimidating to people. So next month’s is another little charm: the scaled dragon egg. It’s free to early-access-tier Ko-Fi members now, and will hit the blog on the second Friday of November. It’s actually live in the shop if you want to buy it early, but at that point you might as well join the Ko-Fi because it’s a buck either way.

Red plush egg with embroidered scales

I’ve got a few other eggs to put together, which will be hitting the shop as regular designs shortly. Subscribe to that RSS feed so you see them!