Frosty the snowderp

Frosty the snowderp

Mistakes were made.

You may have seen the snowperson on the left in the November lookahead. I was not entirely satisfied with the feet, and debated about leaving them off. But then I decided to add them on the front, and then all sorts of things happened and I didn’t get to test the file for a week or so.

By then I didn’t really think about the design, just trusted Past Karen to have everything in the right order and stitched it out. Got to the feet and realized that belonged before the face. And since the feet were the point of the test, I pulled it off the stabilizer, attempted to position it so it would end up back in place, and forged ahead.

It didn’t end up quite in place.

Maybe it’s just me but I get the uncontrollable giggles every time I look at that bashful little weirdo. But I’m overall happy with the design, and will take pictures of the steps for a properly-made one and get it in the pipeline for next week’s Ko-Fi design tier.

Derpy snow face