Frog day!

Frog day!

It’s frog day (again!)

The tree frog design is now in the on-site shop and the Ko-Fi shop; in the latter it’s free to $5/month supporters.

Tree frog face

It’s also actually a well-named tier this time since it is limited to 5x7 (130x180) or larger embroidery machines. This is disappointing to me because I always strive to have a 4x4-friendly version of everything. And theoretically, if you stitch out the legs and body separately and then hand-sew them together, it would work. Hand-sewing spandex fabric requires tiny, tiny stitches and right now my (RSI-limited) hand-sewing time is booked solid, but maybe someday I’ll make time to do a prototype/tutorial.

Was this kind of a diversion from my usual designs? Sort of. But maybe not entirely.

Dragon paw


Turns out Shopify has a massive bug in their downloadables, so I'm moving everything over to Gumroad as fast as I can. The download box will return!