Friday Frog Freebie

Friday Frog Freebie

Freebie Frog Friday. Frog Friday Freebie. Friday Freebie Frog.

Anyway, I realized earlier this week that technically this is the second Friday, so here’s the July plush freebie already, another simple little flat design inspired by a Kunin felt series.

The 8" pig with a 5" frog

Like the pig, the frog comes in three sizes (that’s an 8” hoop pig with a 5x7” hoop frog; there are 4x4-friendly versions of both).

Same energy:

Kermit and Piggy

The Ko-Fi early release is the logical followup to a frog: a toad. Okay, a toadstool. You can sign up for as little as a buck a month to get early access, or wait until the second Friday of August (August already?!) when it’ll appear here on the blog.

[In-the-hoop Frog Plushie]

Toss a coin to your stitcher! (Ko-Fi)


Turns out Shopify has a massive bug in their downloadables, so I'm moving everything over to Gumroad as fast as I can. The download box will return!