Free fries!

Free fries!

Despite living in Wichita, with a thriving mostly-Lebanese Mediterranean-food scene, somehow the first time we ever had gyros was in Milwaukee, in a mall food court, where the proprietor hawked his food by enthusiastically shouting “FREE FRIES” with rolling R’s (Albanian? I don’t know, and it’s been decades). They were good gyros, and the “frrrree frrrries” thing has stuck with us over the years.


A couple of design options for the Kawaii Fries didn’t make it into the final product for trademark reasons, so I just dropped those designs as a freebie. The basic kit includes three options (pictured above), and the freebie adds a familiar yellow M that you are entirely on your own for getting permission to use on commercial products, plus another one that probably isn’t trademarked but I decided to play it safe: “Emotional Support Fries.”

They’re generic designs, so even if you don’t have the plush fries set you can use them for whatever else you might need those designs for… maybe a tiny zipper pouch for giving a gift card so the recipient can get their own emotional support fries?

With the holidays goofing up everybody’s schedule, I’m going to drop the December free design a little early. Normally they land on the third Friday of the month, but that’s the 23rd, so the Blue Shark is going to come out this week. The Jumping Spider will remain free to tier members through at least the 23rd, so there’s a brief window where a $5 membership gets you four active designs (plus all the lower-tier freebies).

Blue Shark preview