Even plushies need plushies

Even plushies need plushies

It’s the second Friday of the month, so it’s time for a free in-the-hoop plushie design!

Three plush kawaii octopuses

As usual, this one has the fancy step-by-step instructions in PDF, sponsored by my Ko-Fi subscribers, who got this design a month early. The $5 level folks also got the Realistic Octopus, for which the Kawaii Octo is a pretty good little friend.

On that note, I’ve slipped the Realistic Octopus design into the shop here as well - usually that happens when the Ko-Fi folks get it, but I decided to limit the distribution of a complex design while I was on the road. Got questions about it (or any of my other designs)? Ask away on the forum.

Kawaii Sunflower

The Kawaii Sunflower replaces the Kawaii Octopus in early-access. As little as a buck a month unlocks it for you, or you can wait until the second Friday of October for its blog release.

I’ve also switched the Ko-Fi tier names. RIP the too-clever “4x4” and “5x7” which just led to me saying a whole bunch of “despite the name this isn’t limited to 4x4 hoops” and “despite the 5x7 name this tier is very 4x4-friendly.” The $1/mo tier is all about the early access, the $5/mo tier is all that plus a larger design. These designs are $5 to $15 in the shop, so it’s a pretty good deal, and for the moment the back catalog is still accessible so it’s a really good deal. I plan to expire the free ones after three months, so you’ll still get a big sign-up bonus.

In addition to the two big scheduled drops, I drop freebies there on an unscheduled basis. Some are just linked for anyone to download, others are free to one-time and monthly, and still more are just for the monthly folks.

[In-the-hoop Kawaii Octopus]