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Free Patterns

In-the-hoop pig plushie

This easy-to-make pig plushie comes in three sizes, plus the Ink/Stitch source for more.

Jet tags

These key fobs are modeled after the prominent tags that aircraft parked on the ground have, hanging from covers that keep dust and critters out of critical sensor openings.

Pug Mini

This pug design is a minimalist mix of fill and satin-stitch contour, single-color, no jump stitches. There’s a French bulldog partner to this design.

Frenchie Mini

This French bulldog design is a minimalist mix of fill and satin-stitch contour, single-color, no jump stitches. There’s a pug partner to this design.

In-the-Hoop Kitty Plush

The Stash Kitty gets made exactly like the Trash Panda, but there are no fiddly appliques this time. The basting box on the front is definitely not optional though: those...

NickAinley alphabet for Ink/Stitch

NickAinley is an Ink/Stitch font made for legibly writing out tiny text with minimal jump stitching.

Snap tab blanks

Being able to mass-produce keychains is handy if you want to use them as freebies, or have an inexpensive booth-filler item at craft shows, or make a bunch for a...

Sunflower emoji

This is an embroidery version of the Twitter/Twemoji sunflower...

Vaccination Card or Double Biz Card Window

This windowed panel is made to insert into a larger product to provide a pocket for a US vax card or a double-height biz card.


The nickname for a Kansan is a “Jayhawker,” for not-entirely-clear reasons, and so the mascot for the university is the imaginary “jayhawk” bird.

Pre-quilting boxes

Like the basting boxes, these are simple rectangles in all the sizes of common embroidery machine frames. Instead of making a rectangle around the edges, however, this one fills the...

Basting Boxes

Sometimes you can’t hoop the fabric directly, but taping or pinning doesn’t give enough stability to prevent your fabric shifting. Enter the basting box: a stitch that goes around the...

In-the-hoop Raccoon Plush

This simple little plush sews flat in a 4x4 hoop. The instructions are included in the SVG as well.

Homer Fades

This little four-color, 4×4-friendly design is meant to be used on a green ground, or whatever else you’d like Homer to be fading into. It’s shown on a Mini-Composition Book...

D.VA Patch

As you can tell by the image styling, this is a fairly old design. Since the picture was taken, I’ve updated the files for modern Ink/Stitch and added an optional...

The Post-It Holder

This is just an alternate size of the Mini Composition Book Cover, suitable for 5x7 machines (4x4 machines can run the non-free split version available soon in my Ko-Fi shop)....

In-the-hoop Chibi Orca Plush

This machine embroidery design makes a tiny, fully three-dimensional plush made entirely in the hoop. It takes three hoopings (one for the embroidery on each side, one for assembly), but...

Dinomouse Ink/Stitch Alphabet

Ink/Stitch has the ability to add a custom font directory, into which you can unpack this ZIP file (it should end up with files in a subdirectory) and have a...

Pixel Art Eevee Snap Tab

You can use this Eevee design by itself, dropping the last two colors, or put a second piece of vinyl on the back of the hoop before the last stitch...

Key fob phone stand

This extremely simple little key fob holds a cell phone up for you hands-free. The only trick is picking the right thing to make it from.

In-the-hoop Sea Otter Plush

This Sea Otter works in both 4×4 and 5×7 hoops (the source SVG is included if you want to size it up even more), and is easy to finish.

Passport Covers

Passport covers are mostly just a larger version of the Mini Composition Book Cover, but because the latter takes up an entire 5×7 hoop, the non-split version requires a 6×10...

Gingerbread dragon ornament

This personalizable ornament was inspired by the more conventional gingerbread folk by Embroidery Library. They have a dog and cat that wear mittens, so why can’t a dragon?

Dragon in Flight design

This little design – about an inch across – stitches out with no trims/jumps and can be resized (via the SVG) up to about twice its base size. It was...

Zipper Setting

Sometimes your zipper isn’t quite long enough for your project. Other times you don’t want the zipper teeth extending into the seams at the end. And still other times, you...

Applique icosahedron dangle

This minimalist dangle is ideal for fancy vinyl appliques that evoke premium dice: glitter vinyls, iridescents, and so on. The 4×4 version is 6 up, while the 5×7 packs 16...

Mask Extenders/Ear Savers

Ear-loop masks can be a problem if you’re wearing them all day, or if you have over-the-ear hearing aids, or if you wear glasses, or if you need to take...

Zipper Pouches

Zipper pouches are pretty easy to make in an embroidery machine hoop, if you keep track of each step. It’s all just straight-line sewing, so it’s easy to do on...

How is this still happening motif

This is just a quick little usage of Ink/Stitch’s built-in lettering, but since I went to the (not very much) trouble of ungrouping the letters and recoloring the initial, I’ll...

Dragon dangle

Another simple two-color stitch-out: the first color is the design, the second color sandwiches a second piece of vinyl on the back.

Zelda: Skyward Sword Loftwing Snap Tab

This is a simple two-color embroidery design: the first color is the Triforce and Loftwing. You can put that on things other than snap tabs if you’d like.

Valet (Snap) Trays

There are several versions of the snap trays: two corner styles, and many different sizes for everything from a 4×4 to a 5×7 to an 8×8 machine.

Mini Composition Book Cover

This in-the-hoop design takes a 4.5″ x 3.25″ notebook (Dollar Tree or similar) and a 3″ x 4″ or smaller embroidery design (this one is from Urban Threads) to make...

Shoe Charm (Jibbitz) Snap Tab

If you don’t own Crocs or Croc-compatible shoes but still want to display some of the cute little PVC charms that are out there, here’s a little snap tab holder...

Vaccination Patch or Snap Tab

There are three versions of the vaccination logo – a standalone version to be used as a patch or integrated into other designs, a single snap tab small enough to...

Love Bug License Plate Snap Tab

The SVG has a blank layer for the back so you can add your own text; the sample tabs were made for Gabe and his Herbie. After that there is...

Zelda: Breath of the Wild dangle

The download is a ZIP archive, containing all of the formats Ink/Stitch can export to. It also contains the SVG source file. You can use the free Inkscape + Ink/Stitch...

Animal Crossing Leaf Snap Tab

[Animal Crossing Leaf ST (ZIP)]

Delivery Truck Snap Tabs

Make these little freebies to include with holiday gifts for your favorite delivery folks.

Pokeball Snap Tab

These little snap tabs are pretty basic. There’s a PDF template to cut the red vinyl applique, a “color” (which you can just stitch in black) to stitch the placement...

Dragon Emoji Snap Tab

Sometimes you need a dragon snap tab that isn’t a Pernese one, so here’s the Emoji One dragon in embroidery form.

D&D Ampersand Snap Tabs

These snap tabs sew up quickly and are a fun little gift for a D&D group. To that end, they’re available in 5-up and 2-up groupings as well as a...

Warframe Snap Tab

[Clem Download (ZIP)]

Dragonrider snap tabs

If you’ve bought multiple Pernese dragons from my Etsy shop, you’ve gotten a little freebie thrown in: a snap tab/key fob. They’re taken pretty directly from Michael Whelan’s cover paintings...

A Marvelous star

For the most part I try to avoid stepping on others’ intellectual property, but I’m not really sure how much Disney has to protect in a compass-rose-ish star taken out...

In-The-Hoop Plush Jumping Spider

This is designed as an in-the-hoop pattern for an embroidery machine but you can also sew it with a conventional machine and use safety eyes.

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