A swift little snap tab project

A swift little snap tab project

Some family members got very lucky with concert tickets. Like, very lucky.

Being half a continent away, we don’t get together for Christmas very often. Rather than have our presents get lost in the shuffle of the two or three in-person gift exchanges they do, I send the kids a box of 25 presents, to be opened Advent-calendar style. Mostly they’re little stocking-stuffer things, though in the last few days they’re all the bigger things.

I try not to send them too many embroidery-machine products (you can only hang so many snap tabs off your backpack or whatever) but I figured this one would be fun to have for the big event.

I’ve really cut back on the freebies around here, in part because I realized I painted myself into a corner: I don’t like to throw out the “here is the SVG, figure it out for yourself” type things because I’m concerned people will assume my paid products are that slapdash. But if I’m putting that much effort into a product, I can’t really afford to give it away. What to do?

On this one I realized I could pull some stills from the time-lapses I shot, and it would be close enough (with a disclaimer that it wasn’t an actual photography shoot). Next time I do snap tabs, I’ll take some pictures and write up a proper generic snap-tab instruction set, and then I’ll feel better about freebies.

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