Winding down 2021 (for the Etsy shop anyway)

I’ve put the banner on the Etsy shop notifying that things ordered after this week may not make it by Christmas. Shipping has become fun and unpredictable. My nieces’ Advent calendars were scheduled for delivery Monday but are out for delivery today, and a recent fabric order is coming in today just came in after taking an unexpected trip to Puerto Rico. In my headcanon that’s some airline pilot who went “forget the Northeast, we’re going to a tropical island today.”

I don’t have any restocks planned but if you need a made-to-order let me know, I’ll always take care of my blog readers who are willing to take a chance in the shipping-times lottery. Soon as I get the last of my current M2O’s out the door, and all my family gifts done, I’m going to spend the rest of the month cleaning up the disaster that is the work room whole house… and writing up the dang in-the-hoop designs for sale. Really. For sure this time.

This may be slightly derailed by the fact that the shipping logjam has meant a lot of belated new fabrics and things. A family member wanted a passport cover so I got some RFID-blocker fabric, of which I’m skeptical but it’s pretty so it’ll make a nice liner regardless. Not sure if people will be optimistically hoping for travel or pessimistically stocking a bug-out bag, but in either case I’ll have pretty passport covers in the shop for them next year.

And I took advantage of some Black Friday sales to pick up some new fabrics, which is kind of against my Buy-Nothing Day ethos, but I never could resist sparkly stuff.

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