Lots of progress, nothing finished

Lots of progress, nothing finished

One of the to-do’s in my daily Taskwarrior is “Finish a project, no matter how tiny,” and that one has kind of been honored in the breach lately. At least I haven’t ordered a bunch of fabric, JoAnn boxes notwithstanding. (That’s from two yards of glow Sew Lush for a throw for a niece, if the other two yards survives its trip.)

Anyway, I have been building up stock for the shop drop, and I guess I should take some proper pictures so I can send out the announcement (sign-up is in the sidebar). The purple scaly has been added to the mix, along with turmeric and kelly-green mochi. The various fluffy dragons are lowest priority and may not make it in time but the sewing robot does three colors (twelve dragons!) at a time in the 3″ size.

This was supposed to be a week to work on a big armatured dragon, but I’ve run into blockers on different bits of those. Admittedly the biggest blocker is “the perfect is the enemy of the good” and all; I’m expecting too much of my first attempt. So I worked on a smaller armature project: a Breyer-sized poseable unicorn.

I had pretty low expectations of my first attempt – the oddities of trying to draft a pattern that works in the weird method I use on the embroidery machine usually mean the first draft is “haha oh that ain’t right.” This one came out surprisingly okay (the brown one looked better before I messed around with its wires and shifted its half-stuffed stuffing). I did accidentally not leave enough fabric for its hooves, but it wasn’t like I expected to ever finish this critter.

Take two is in mochi, but in the weird gold-dot kind. We’ll see how this one goes; it might actually survive to completion. It’s 2/3 the intended final scale (so, Breyer Classic instead of Breyer Traditional, I guess?) so if I can get the padded armature into these legs the real thing will be easy-peasy.