Dragon dangle

Dragon dangle

Yep, it’s another little dragon fob, in dangle format this time. It’s an adaptation of a graphic from one of my favorite sources, the Noun Project. It’s the same technique I used for the water bottle carriers; the graphics are (alas) not line drawings, so I just remove the fill and running-stitch the outlines for a double-thread effect, after some tweaking to bring them closer together and eliminate jump stitches.

This design is “dragon” by Grégory Montigny from the Noun Project, part of a Mythology Collection.

The 5×7 hoop version does fourteen dangles; the 4×4 does six. As always, all the formats Ink/Stitch can currently produce are in the ZIP file, along with the source SVG.

[Simple Dragon Dangle (4×4 Hoop)] [Simple Dragon Dangle (5×7 Hoop)]

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