Wrapping up 2020

Wrapping up 2020

I was about to bump the Taskwarrior task for “Post to blog (W)” to next week when I realized this would be the last 2020 post. So okay, I guess that still falls within my decision to do the minimum work-related things between Christmas and New Years, and that Taskwarrior itself is a good topic to revisit.

I first wrote about it here, and I can report that the zipper pouch is still on the to-do list. I’m also somehow still working on rearranging the space; just this past weekend we moved the ALGOT electronics bench out of here. The good news: that moves the light box off the table it shared with the Silhouette. And by “shared” I mean “had permanently taken over, so the Silhouette got used on the kitchen table instead.”

At any rate. Obviously I’m still using Taskwarrior, though my workflow has changed and is still not quite ideal. I’m still not sure if it’s the vitamin D or what but I’ve used it enough it’s become a solid habit. So working on the to-do list is no problem, but the prioritization of things kind of is.

Kind of.

I first started out with two separate installs, then learned about contexts and split it into “home” and “work.” Unfortunately, home is work and work is home (and not just a 2020 thing) and so I rarely separate the contexts. Result: because items with a due date have higher priority, every day I get through recurring tasks and often not much else. So that’s good, in the sense that I have done more vacuuming in the last few months, the plants have been reliably watered, and the cat fountain gets its water changed before it starts growing stuff.

But most days I’m just treading water: getting through the recurring things and nothing more. I mean, keeping shop items mailed and (usually) restocked is kinda the whole point, but I’m not getting to that zipper pouch. I think the next step is something Taskwarrior can’t fix: setting aside separate hours for separate contexts. I joke about getting all kinds of housework done while procrastinating on other projects but that’s kind of a problem.

It’s pretty coincidental that this came up at year end, other than it’s a natural “whew, holiday rush is done, now to think about all the things I’ve put off thinking about.” But now I have a 2021 resolution, I guess.