Recovery mode

The last big drop of new shop items for the year has happened, with this motley crew of mochi dragons. I have a couple of minky colors to restock in my giant stack of almost-finished dragons, and I’ll try to honor any special requests (such as non-baby mochi dragons). Plus I have two velvet dragons to finish, a Cirquell dragon to finish – I’m not putting my feet up. But I think the Christmas rush is done?

Cosmic in the back, then buckskin, redwood, grape wine, medieval blue, white rainbow in the middle row, then up front is charcoal gray, emerald, white/gold, and dahlia red (originally labeled cabernet because online ordering is hard).

Now I “just” have to clean up the workroom. I put the big Shannon Cuddle 3 swatch book somewhere safe, which is code around this house for “I accidentally hid it from myself.” But as soon as I get things straightened up and run across it, I’m going to match up the mochi colors I have (11 of 23 base colors) with the minky swatches and publish some pictures from the light box.

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