The 2020 dice countdown calendars are here!

The 2020 dice countdown calendars are here!

Don’t look if you’re ordering one and want to be surprised!

Compact Calendar

This set fits in a Flat Rate Priority Small box, and comes in red, green, blue, and gold.

Update: one of the sets failed to get its day-24 message, so if there isn’t a tiny piece of paper folded up in with the last day’s entry, this is what it would have said:

I hope you’ve enjoyed your Advent calendar. There’s one more surprise, though – take off the bottom of the box tomorrow for a Christmas morning gift!

Merry Christmas from Karen
at Silver Seams!

This is the contents of one of the red sets – the color refers more to the box color than the contents, though I try to keep it fairly on-theme – in particular, the ten-die sets (D4, D6, D8, three D10s, D12, D20, D24, and countdown D30) will match the outside.

In addition to the ten-die set there’s a couple of translucent “gemstone” types, a nice marbled set, and a metallic set – not metal, metallic, shiny gold-finish acrylic. And in the embroidery department there’s a dice tray (the dragon colors will vary but always match one of the gemstone sets), a D20 dangle, and because it’s 2020, a mask extender/ear saver strap. (The two ends can snap to each other for use as a cord keeper when we’re on the other side of all this.)

The tourmaline dice are in the shop by themselves, but those Orion Nebula ones are only in the calendars. There’s a purple Horsehead Nebula set that I am absolutely keeping one of for myself.