Conquering the unfinished objects

Conquering the unfinished objects

I’ve talked about my ADHD in the past (that is my most-internally-linked post right there), Since my current work has been boring-to-blog stuff like sewing masks and cleaning/rearranging the work area to provide my husband with a dedicated WFH space and me with a dedicated tutorial-photography space, managing it has been extra-fun. So I’m writing about it again to keep myself accountable.

Reading other people’s sewing blogs is fun but also tends to contribute to the problem: “Look at these cute little zipper box/trays!”

shoves the previous unfinished projects aside on the worktable, begins cutting out boxes

That’s… not productive. Luckily, reading other people’s Perl blogs is also a thing I do. “Look at that little minimalist task manager!”

installs Taskwarrior

Much better. Now, I’m a great big nerd so a Linux command-line task manager is great for me. But I can just type

<pre class="wp-block-preformatted">task add "Make a zipper tray" tag:Someday

and then close the tab on the cute little zipper box/tray and be happy about it. The “Getting Things Done” guy based his whole system on this principle: I don’t need to drop everything and do that now, because it’s in the to-do list.

Sure, I could put it in my bookmarks and every now and then, when I look in them for something else, every project I ever put off will hit me in the face. That’s not productive either. This way, it’s on the list, it’ll bubble up to the top Someday and I can decide to make a cute little zipper box/tray then or decide it wasn’t so cute after all.

The last thing I do in my shell window is “clear;task” which clears the screen and displays the “what’s next” report so it’s always right there.

And now I’ve added “Post to blog” as a recurring entry so let’s see if that helps with posting here more regularly.

Wait, Karen, what’s up with the featured image? That’s no to-do list. Okay but hear me out, it’s on-theme: last night I posted it to Mastodon where I had been talking about not cutting out any more masks until I finished the ones I had cut, because I tend to go distracted-boyfriend-meme about new fabrics. And then I posted about my self-imposed rule not saying anything about making dragon plushies from those new fabrics. It’s also a demonstration of why I need a permanent setup for the light box – that’s the midnight blue looking gray on the left, and the electric blue looking French blue on the right, and the French blue isn’t even in the picture.

And no, I haven’t made recursive dragon plushies yet. They’re not even on the to-do list. Yet.