Last-minute Valentine dragon

Last-minute Valentine dragon

I’ve been a little quiet lately because I was bound and determined to actually finish one of the art dragons. And I did it, albeit a little later than good marketing would prescribe – Valentine items should be listed in mid-January.

I picked up a couple colors of Ben Textiles Royal Velvet that looked like they might be leaving fabric-dot-com’s stock, and then when they arrived I questioned all my life choices. The teal is nice (though dark, which is why I hadn’t ordered it before) but the fuchsia? It’s a great color but it is definitely not a dragon color.

… unless it was a ridiculous Valentine’s Day dragon, anyway. So I started noodling around with hearts in the wings, hearts in the frills, and somehow ended up stitching the thing out and thinking “well now I have to get it in the shop by V-day to have *any* hope of selling such a crazy thing” which gave me a deadline to work toward and, well, here we are.

I’m kind of embarrassed that my first finished “real” art dragon — one made without the peculiar constraints of all-in-one-piece sewing — is a novelty dragon. Whatever it takes, I guess. It’s a funny little hybrid critter, with the Celestial’s “noodle” body and the crimson Draco Splendens’ fish face (with hearts replacing the betta-fin frill).

It doesn’t absolutely have to be a Valentine dragon – it can hold a ring, so there’s a little bit of engagement-gift possibility.