Dragon taggin’ day

Dragon taggin’ day

I’m now up to, I think, three wrong-color shipments. After the next-to-last one, I made myself a reference sheet. And then I shipped a teal dragon instead of a peacock because my brain just went “yep everyone is ordering the latest color” and didn’t even look at the reference sheet. So the time has come to label things.

I have a sheaf of little string tags, but if you’ve seen my thank-you notes on packing slips you know my handwriting is less-than-great. So I pre-printed some.

The background is a copyright-free image from HubbleSite.org, (thanks, NASA/STScI!). I could have cut them on the Silhouette but it was easier to pull out the 2″ circle and hole punch. That tiny Swingline thingy is a hole punch and not a stapler as I thought when I picked it up for less than a dollar in a clearance bin.

For strings I used my rotary cutter to halve one of the generic-brand floss skeins I keep around for just such an occasion. That’s just the right length to slip through the tag hole, overhand knot, and then lark’s-head around the dragon tails.

Hopefully that will help. Now I just have to fix everywhere I call emerald “Mallard”…