Follow Friday starter pack

Someone wanted to know if I was on any non-FB sites since “separate blogs are hard to follow.” I directed her to my post from last year on feed readers. The problem with a feed reader is that you have to remember to open it which, if you’re only following one blog, is no easier […]

Antisocial media

Facebook’s been leaning on me to do all kinds of wacky things with my business page. I’ve seen enough small biz folks bemoan changes in the Facebook algorithm, the Instagram algorithm, the Twitter algorithm, you name it, that I know better. I use FB to participate in plushie-making groups, and in groups related to particular […]

Busting social media silos

I’m slowly getting my website set up to do everything I want (aside from stocking the web shop as well as the Etsy one…) which means putting together as many ways to connect to it as I can. Facebook, Twitter, the fediverse, email, and of course the best one, RSS/Atom. If you’re seeing this via […]