Tiny Blue Dragon – Beanie Style


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Inspired by my long-time love of dragons, especially Anne McCaffrey’s, this little dragon (or fire lizard, if you prefer) is the perfect size to go everywhere with you. It is made from minky cuddle fabric in a mix of machine and hand sewing, and stuffed with fiberfill and poly-pellets so it has a nice “beanie”-type feel. Its eyes are appliqued “hologram” fabric and sparkle in green and blue.

There are several colors available, true to the source material where dragons come in many shades of the named color. The default (Blue II) is peacock, a bright cyan-blue. The original blue color (Blue I) is electric blue, slightly less intense. Midnight blue is a dark blue, French blue is a less intense cyan-blue. I’m not sure if purple-as-a-shade-of-blue is canon, but I like purple so I included an amethyst. Saltwater is a pale greenish blue, pictured in the hatchling size – if you buy from this listing it will be the larger size, but see my other listings if you want the smaller version of any of these colors.

It is approximately 6 inches from nose to tail. Although it’s photographed in different poses, there are no internal wires; it’s a floppy little critter.

Despite the toy-like appearance, it is an adult collectible with small parts that could pose a choking hazard. Made in a smoke-free but cat-occupied home from an original Silver Seams pattern. The book, seltzer, and other colors of dragons are for scale only. You are buying one dragon.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in

Peacock, Electric Blue, Midnight Blue, French Blue, Amethyst, Purple, Saltwater