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Love Bug License Plate Fob - Printed

Love Bug License Plate Fob - Printed

The fronts are either the original-Herbie California license plate, or a classic 1980's dark blue "You've Got A Friend In Pennsylvania," the version born by Gabe Nathan's Herbie the Love Bug replica. The backs are either the updated message from the rear window of Gabe's Herbie, or their Instagram handle, @lovebugtrumpshate. This IG account, followed by over 8,000, not only features Herbie traveling all over the Philly area and the East Coast, but spreads a message of mental health and suicide awareness. Herbie features the number for the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-TALK) on its rear window and every third or fourth post on @lovebugtrumpshate is mental health or suicide prevention/awareness related.

In the "Love Bug" films, Herbie wore the California license plate "OFP-857" as an "Easter Egg" tribute to British film director Robert Stevenson, who directed "The Love Bug" (and, later, "Herbie Rides Again"). Stevenson began working at Disney in 1957, and filming of his first Disney feature began in August of that year, hence Herbie's license plate in "The Love Bug": "O(ur) F(irst) P(roduction), 8-57" (OFP-857).

The full purchase price of every item in this collection goes to Gabe to put gas in Herbie's tank.

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