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In-the-hoop Chibi Orca Design

In-the-hoop Chibi Orca Design

This is a plushie design, made "in the hoop" on an embroidery machine. It produces a tiny orca plushie that you can keep, gift, or sell.

This freebie is a good test of the dimensional technique I use on many of my paid designs - once you master it, you can make any of my designs.

It takes three hoopings (one for the embroidery on each side, one for assembly), but after that all you have to do is cut, turn, stuff, and ladder-stitch closed.

The files come in all the formats Ink/Stitch can produce, along with the SVG source file that you can edit or resize in Inkscape+Ink/Stitch. There is a step-by-step PDF that includes full instructions, including a picture of every stitch color step. and multiple pictures of trimming and turning.

You can make plushies to sell, and I highly encourage it.

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