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Bluenesia for Monogramming

Bluenesia for Monogramming

This is an machine embroidery alphabet, in two sizes.

It's the full basic (Latin) character set, upper and lowercase, plenty of punctuation, for Bluenesia, a fun casual font. It's in 36pt and 72pt, or about half an inch and an inch tall, just shy of 2mm and 4mm satins.

Each glyph is in its own file, and in every format Ink/Stitch can build.

(If your embroidery software imports files to build a font and expects a particular naming scheme, let me know and I can probably make it happy. If you use Ink/Stitch, you don't want this product! Bluenesia will show up in the next Ink/Stitch version, or you can install it early yourself.)

List Price: 3.99