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Rather than try to front-load all the little steps involved in making plushies and other projects here, I’m going to just list them here. As I get photographs taken, I’ll link each tutorial (and eventually update this description). Similarly, the PDFs will be marked “beta” until they get fully filled out.

  • Printing and transferring patterns
  • Cutting felt, minky, faux fur, upholstery velvet, and other fabrics
  • Sewing felt by hand - overcast and blanket stitches
  • Sewing conventional seams by hand
  • Machine sewing
  • Clipping and turning
  • Stuffing
  • Ladder stitching openings and attached pieces
  • Eye setting
  • Joint setting - string joints, button joints, plastic joints, traditional joints, other joints
  • Embroidery
  • Needle sculpting
  • Enlarging and reducing patterns
  • Plushie pattern drafting

Whew! (Really, making plushies isn’t that complicated. Lots of small bites.)

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