Another zip bag

Working on a tutorial. Ironically, taking pictures of each step distracted me such that I left out a step (the side loop). Update: the tutorial is done. I left out the side loop on the next one as well. Clearly this is not a thing people with ADHD should do.

I finished a project!

It shouldn’t that big a deal, but I’m very pleased about it. (And it always is that big a deal.) I mean, I’ve finished a lot of things, but “eight more tiny dragons” isn’t anything worth blogging about, though it’s nice for the business. And it’s not any of the poseables in various states of […]


Between special orders and the Wichita trip (where I took the tablet but no laptop), and the fact that font creation changes in the upcoming Ink/Stitch, I’ve suspended my Inktober project. I could install a newer version out of the repo, but I feel like messing with my install when I’m already behind on stocking […]

Back to “normal”

I didn’t want to make too much of a fuss about it because the house was sitting empty this trip, but we spent last week in Wichita for Carl’s mom’s funeral. Right before it, I got a request for 45(!) tiny dragons. That was not doable even without a trip in the middle (I’m coming […]